What is the difference between the working principle of OLED screen and LCD screen?

The pixels of the OLED screen are self-illuminating, and each pixel can be turned off individually, while the pixels of the lcd display screen are light filters, which are lit by the backlight, so individual pixels cannot be turned off. This difference directly affects the advantages and disadvantages of the two screens, and how to choose is a long story to analyze in detail.

working principle

OLED screen: Pixels are self-illuminating, and each pixel can be turned off individually. The advantage is that the color is more vivid and can be used as a flexible screen, reducing the width of the frame. The disadvantage is that PWM low-frequency dimming is commonly used.
lcd display screen: Pixels are optical filters, which are lit by the backlight, so individual pixels cannot be turned off. The advantage is that it will not hurt the eyes due to strobe, and the disadvantage is that the contrast is low, and the color on the poor lcd display screen may have afterimages when it moves quickly.

Analysis of advantages and disadvantages

The LCD screen is also called a liquid crystal display. Its light-emitting principle is to emit white light from the backlight layer, and then add a layer of color film on the white backlight layer to control the pass rate of each pixel through current, thereby controlling the color of the pixel. The lcd display srceen is composed of a backlight layer and a liquid crystal panel. It cannot completely cover the white light and emit black light. There will be some light leakage more or less. The thickness of the screen is relatively thicker. However, the power consumption of the lcd display srceen is very low, the screen color is natural and accurate, and it has the function of eye protection. It is more mature in technology and lower in cost.
OLED screens are called organic light-emitting diodes, which use a very thin coating of organic materials and a glass substrate with self-luminous function. The OLED screen is very thin and has the characteristics of folding and bending. It is called a “flexible screen”. When a black interface is displayed, it does not emit light at all, and the color rendering is very high, the color gamut is wide, and the contrast is high. It is worth noting that the OLED screen will appear stroboscopic, the lower the brightness, the more serious the stroboscopic, and using it in dim light is harmful to the eyes. Another point is that the OLED screen has screen burn-in, which will reduce the service life of the screen.

how to choose

The cost of lcd display srceen is low, so the price of mobile phones with lcd display srceen is also cheap. At the same time, its display effect is more eye-friendly, without the disadvantages of screen burn-in; mobile phones with OLED screens can have many new functions, such as the common screen fingerprint function. My suggestion to everyone is that if you want to protect your eyes, you can choose an lcd display srceen, and if you pursue high technology, you can choose an OLED screen.