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High quality TFT lcd display supplier

ISO9001 quality certified and SGS / ISO14001 certified manufacturer. a state-recognized high-tech enterprise,We provide excellent cost-effective lcd display and services and good technical support.

Our in order to provide competitive tft display and services. We provide a 3-10 year warranty for 99% of our TFT Lcd display.


12+ years tft lcd display manufacturer

Custom Design

Assist customers in new design


process quality management, 5S, TQM, 6 Sigma.

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R&D Sales Manufacturer

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Change FPC connection mode, RGB,SPI,MIPI......

Touch Panel



Serial screen production and development

Cover lens

Design and fit assembly of glass cover plate.


TRANSFLECTIVE lcd display,Visible in the sun.


We can copy customer samples, custom.

Company Capability

  • 1. LCD/LCM+CTP manufacturer for 12 years
  • 2. 10,000-level super clean environment production workshop to ensure cleanliness
  • 3. International SGS and ISO certified manufacturer
  • 4. 3 most advanced fully automatic production lines
  • 5. Full 6S management and Lean management implemented
  • 6. Industrial ERP system
  • 7. Zero defect management
  • 1. High-temperature test (store/work)
  • 2. Low-temperature test (store/work)

  • 3. High-temperature & High-humidity test (store/work)

  • 4. Thermal Shock (store/work)

  • 5. ESD test

  • 6. Vibration

  • 7. Drop

  • 8. Salt spray experiment
  • 1. 12+ year R&D experience
  • 2. Various HMI solutions
  • 3. New material and technology research 
  • 4. Embedded software and hardware developing ability

  • 5. Cooperating with research institues, turn lab projects into mass production

  • 6. Mono LCD design ablility

  • 7. TFT lcd display design ablility

  • 8. CTP  design ablility

  • 9. Cover lens design ablility

  • 10. Total solution R&D ability

  • 1. With the experience of cooperating with top tier leaders globally

  • 2. Our group can communicate with customers without any barriers across geographies and timezones with multi languages supports, to understand and satisfy the customers’ requirements

  • 3. Working with Hongcai is more efficiency because we understand communication effectively and quality standards


To expand and continuously improve our tft lcd display screen and services with a world class R&D program and to provide the best work environment for our employees to meet and exceed their true potential and to thrive in a world of excellence.

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Control and maintenance of equipment, control of raw materials, validity of documents, first inspection, patrol inspection, control of quality inspection status.


Long-term and stable order and customer resources.



Design and review of requirements, considering mass production, electrical performance test and stability test system.


Working with Smart is more efficiency because we understand communication effectively and quality standards.

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Our Core Values

We believe in establishing lasting competitiveness through the closest customer connection, ensuring R&D and competitive tft lcd display, providing our customers with high-quality integrated solutions.


Become an excellent TFT display supplier and the best supply chain of electronic products. The speed of our processes, the discipline in our procedures, our proactivity in problem solving, our results oriented work. These factors guide us to introduce innovation, creativity and superior product differentiation that differentiate us from the competition.


We are proud of the trust shown by our partners and employees in helping us become a people-centric business organization. Our employees are a responsible corporate citizen by promoting a culture of openness and providing opportunities to grow in a friendly atmosphere, and our society by being a responsible corporate citizen.


Respected TFT display supplier


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