How to build an lcd display?

After more than 10 years of development, the liquid crystal display is now a mature and stable process, with more and more application scenarios, from the previous calculator to the current POS machine display, digital camera display, medical display, industrial control display, tft display The era of screens is on the rise, so which processes need to go through in the production process of LCD screens? The data are collected and sorted from the Internet.

1. LCD placement, LCD is: glass (Liquid Crystal Display)
2. tft LCD wiping and plasma cleaning should be wiped with a dust-free cloth, and then cleaned with a plasma cleaning machine
3. ACF attachment, ACF: Anisotropic Conductive Film (Anisotropic Conductive Film)
4. IC preloading, IC: Integrated Circuit (Integrated Circuit), IC preloading IC positioning
5. The original pressure of the IC is to fix the IC that has been positioned on the bonding area through the high-temperature pressure head
6. ACF attachment
7. FPC pressing
8. The first electrical test
9. Silicone coating
10. Backlight Assembly
11. Backlight welding
12. Pad cleaning
13. The second electrical test
14. Tape sticking
15. Appearance inspection
16. Quality electrical & appearance inspection
17. Packing and warehousing

After more than 10 years of development, Hongcai Technology has a stable production process for the production process of tft lcd display, with stable quality and competitive cost.