2.4 inch tft ips lcd display

►Resolution : 240×320 dots
►View Direction: 12 O’CLOCK
►Interface: RGB/MCU/SPI
►Driver IC: ILI9341V
►RTP/CTP: Optional
►Brightness(cd/m²): 380
►Outline Dimension: 42.72(W)* 59.46(H) * 2.50(T) mm


K240B4020 is a 2.4 inch tft lcd display with a resolution of 240×320 pixels, a driver IC ILI9341V, a brightness of up to 320-800cd/m2 (typical value), and supports SPI interface, SPI 3 wire and 4 wire serial ports, Standard models and customized RGB interfaces and MCU 8 bit or 16 bit interfaces can be provided. There are 2 kinds of TN screen viewing angles and IPS screen. The logic power supply voltage range is 2.4V to 3.3V. Touch can choose resistive touch screen or capacitive touch screen For touch screen control, we have two connection methods: welded cable FPC and plug-in cable, which can be adjusted with a polarizer to have a wider viewing angle, high definition high-brightness wide viewing angle. It can operate in temperatures from -20°C to +70°C and has a storage temperature range of -30°C to +80°C. The quality of  Smart Lcd display is higher than the industry standard, batches of products have no color cast, color and brightness are consistent, industrial and consumer grade production process requirements, stable quality, continuous supply, worry free after sales service and technical support.


General Specifications

LCM Dimension42.72(W)* 59.46(H) * 2.50(T)mm
LCD Active Area36.72* 48.96mm
Number Of Dots240×320pixel
LCD Typea-Si TFT 
Viewing Direction12 O’CLOCK 
Driver ICILI9341V 
Interface TypeRGB/MCU/SPI 
Operating Temperature-20℃~ 70℃ 
Storage Temperature-30℃~ 80℃ 
Backlight Type4 LEDs 
Brightness380 Cd/m2





The lcd display pictures and text parameters in the above pages are only for illustration. Smart Company will provide accurate information as much as possible. The tft display pictures published on this site may be slightly different from the actual lcd display. Please refer to the actual tft display and the detailed specification of the TFT Lcd display screen. The specific model information shall prevail. For specific details, please contact the relevant business personnel. If there is any relevant modification to the above content, no prior notice will be given.


LCM Pin Definition

1SDISerial Data Input
2SDOSerial Data Output
3IM0I/O  choose
4IM1I/O  choose
5IM2I/O  choose
6IM3I/O  choose
7RESETReset pin
8VSFrame Synchronizing Signal
9HSLine Synchronizing Signal
10DCLKDot Clock Signa
11DEData Enable Signal
12DB17Data Bus
13DB16Data Bus
14DB15Data Bus
15DB14Data Bus
16DB13Data Bus
17DB12Data Bus
18DB11Data Bus
19DB10Data Bus
20DB9Data Bus
21DB8Data Bus
22DB7Data Bus
23DB6Data Bus
24DB5Data Bus
25DB4Data Bus
26DB3Data Bus
27DB2Data Bus
28DB1Data Bus
29DB0Data Bus
30RDRead signal, rising-edge-active.
31WRWrite signal, rising-edge-trigger./ Destination register selection.
32DCData/Command register address./ Serial  Clock
33CSChip enable, Low-active.

Electrical Characteristics 

TFT gate on voltageVGH1315V
TFT gate off voltageVGL-10V
TFT common electrode VoltageVcom-1V

Operating conditions

Analog Supply VoltageVCI2.52.83.3V
Digital Supply VoltageVDD2.52.83.3V
I/O Supply VoltageIOVCC1.651.8/2.83.3V
Input High VoltageVIH0.8*IOVCCIOVCCV
Input Low VoltageVIL00.2*IOVCCV
Output High VoltageVOH0.8*IOVCCV
Output Low VoltageVOL0.2*IOVCCV

LED driving conditions

LED CurrentIB1520mA
LED VoltageVf11.21212.8V
Brightness of LCML 380 cd/m2


1. Basic specifications

The required TFT Lcd screen size, resolution, communication interface type between motherboard and TFT screen, display viewing angle, touch type selection, external dimensions, structural design, voltage, connection method of FPC cable, or specified Smart model.

2. Drawing Confirmation

According to the needs of communication and verification, as well as standard or customized materials, such as resistive touch or capacitive touch, wiring FPC or backlight, arrange the structural drawings of TFT Lcd display screens to customers for confirmation within 2-3 days.

3. Sample making

The sample delivery time for standardized tft display is 2-3 days. For customized lcd display, samples are made according to the confirmed drawings. Sample production takes time. The sample delivery cycle of Lcd screens is generally 7-12 days. The cycle time is 18-21 days.

4. Sample delivery

After the sample production is completed, it will be inspected according to the sample delivery process, and a series of structural and electrical performance tests, high and low temperature and thermal shock aging tests, vibration tests, salt spray tests, etc. will be arranged according to the quality control procedures, and tests will be carried out according to the requirements of different customers , Provide the actual test report of the tft display to ensure the reliable performance of the tft display.

5. Technical service

After receiving the customer's sample, we will provide the IC driver, the initialization code of the LCD screen, and the technical support will cooperate with the adjustment program to light up.

How do you guarantee the quality?

We have passed SGS,ISO9001, ISO14001 certification. We carry out strict quality control checks and every tft lcd display is 100% inspected by at least 5 inspection positions before entering the warehouse.

Do you have MOQ restrictions? Can I also communicate the price?

There is no strict MOQ limit. Small orders are also welcome! We will give our long-term customers the best price.

If I cooperate with Smart, what can I get?

1. A long-term partner with good price and stable quality.

2. Provide the perfect liquid crystal display solution for your application.

3. One to one sales service and perfect after-sales service.

Are you the manufacturer?

We have 3 fully automatic production lines with a monthly capacity of 500K-600K/PCS.

Do you offer customized solutions and what is the customization process?

Yes. More than 90% of our business is custom projects and our process is as follows.

1. 1-2 days for evaluation and quotation.

2. Send you our design (drawing) for your approval within 2 days.

3. According to your custom requirements, send you samples for your approval for 1-2 weeks.

4. Customize new orders for 3-4 weeks.

5. Repeat orders for 3-4 weeks.

What's your after sales service?

We offer a 12-month warranty. If there is a problem, we will analyze the sample and provide a short - and long-term solution report. If it is our tft display, we will replace it.

What size LCD do you offer?

We mainly provide small and medium size displays from 1.3 "to 10.1" for industrial, medical, smart home, applications.

Can we appoint an agent?

We already have agents in some areas and we are looking for more agents in some areas.

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