lcd refresh rate

tft lcd screen refresh rate

Tft lcd display screen in the display of new content, each small pixel point need to update the display, so LCD LCD screen in each time from the top down to update all the pixels, it is called a “refresh”, and refresh rate refers to the frequency of the screen update or refresh.


The typical refresh rate of TFT display, TFT screen and smartphone display is 60Hz, 60Hz refresh rate means the screen is refreshed 60 times per second. As for high-end cell phones, they have a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz, meaning that the screen can be refreshed up to 120 times per second. As long as the screen is refreshed fast enough, the human eye will feel more smooth viewing of the content.


Although our naked eye can’t see the individual frames being refreshed, we can see a smooth sequence of frames on our smartphone’s display. A screen refreshed at 90Hz produces 50% more frames compared to a 60Hz display when playing the same animation, and because of these extra frames, swiping is smoother on displays that support 90Hz, 120Hz, or even higher frame rates.

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