What is the working and construction of LCD?

TFT LCD liquid crystal display can provide high-definition image/text with shorter response time. TFT LCD liquid crystal display is increasingly used to bring better visual effect to electronic products.


Composition of TFT LCD.

TFT is an abbreviation for “thin film transistor”, the transistor of a TFT LCD display is composed of a thin film of amorphous silicon deposited on glass. It acts as a control valve, providing the appropriate voltage to the liquid crystal molecules for each sub-pixel. This is why TFT LCD liquid crystal screens are also known as active matrix displays.


TFT LCD liquid crystal screens have a liquid crystal layer between a glass substrate formed by the TFT and transparent pixel electrodes and another glass substrate with a color filter (RGB) and a transparent counter electrode. Each pixel in the active matrix is paired with a transistor that includes a capacitor, which gives each sub-pixel the ability to retain its charge without sending a charge every time it needs to be replaced, which means that TFT LCD screens are more responsive.


TFT LCD screen drive principle.

To understand how a TFT LCD LCD screen works, we first need to understand the concept of a field effect transistor (FET). a FET is a transistor that uses an electric field to control the flow of current. It is a component with three terminals: source, gate and drain. the FET controls the flow of current by applying a voltage to the gate, thereby changing the conductivity between the drain and source.


Using the FET, a circuit can be built as follows. The data bus sends a signal to the source of the FET, and when SEL SIGNAL applies a voltage to the gate, a drive voltage is generated on the TFT LCD panel. A sub-pixel is lit. TFT LCD liquid crystal displays contain thousands or millions of such drive circuits.


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