TFT LCD display’s competitive advantage

Quality Is The Foundation Of Enterprise Survival. Since 2010, Hongcai Has Been Famous For Providing Excellent Quality TFT LCD Products. We Understand The Importance Of TFT LCD Screens To The Display Effect Customer Experience And Have Taken The Necessary Steps To Ensure The Reliability Of Our LCD Display Products.

Excellent Quality: Hongcai ® Ensures Excellent Quality In All Components And All Modules Are Tested At Every Stage Of Production.

Compatibility Guarantee: Hongcai LCD Display Is Tailor-Made, And Guarantee 100% Applicable To Your Products.

Technical Support: Hongcai Provides Comprehensive LCD Solutions For Thousands Of Systems At Competitive Prices.

Stability: Established In 2010, Hongcai Has Developed Into An Independent LCD Display Module Manufacturer In The Industry.

Reliability: Hongcai Is Committed To The Use Of The Highest Quality Components And 100% Comprehensive Aging Test, Which Makes Hongcai LCD Display The Most Reliable Products On The Market.

Professional: Hongcai Participates In The Entire TFT LCM Manufacturing Process From LCD Cutting, Integrated Circuit, COG,FOG Module Assembly To Testing Finished Products.

Warranty: All Hong Color LCD Screens Enjoy A 12-Month Warranty (Product Life), Visit Hong Color Warranty Statement Webpage For More Information.

Hongcai Has Grown To Be The Most Complete Independent Manufacturer Of TFT LCD Products. The Company Has Grown From A Cog-Style TFT LCD Display Module Manufacturer To A Portfolio Of More Than 2,000 Models. In 2015, The Company’s Sales Exceeded 100 Million RMB.

Reliability Is The Cornerstone Of Hong Color Product Strategy, It Is This Reliability Created A High Degree Of Trust Between Hong Color And Customers. Hongcai Is Committed To Exceeding Industry Standards In Detail, Product Quality And Product Reliability.

Hong CAI Product Reliability And Use Experience
An Important Step In Ensuring The Reliability Of An LCD Screen Is To Thoroughly Examine The LCD Display Components And Ensure That Only The Highest Quality Components Are Used. Hongcai Is One Of The Few LCD Panel Manufacturers In The World That Strictly Requires Component Quality And Tests Modules At All Stages Of Production.

Hong Has Also Developed One Of The Most Rigorous And Trusted Testing Procedures In The TFT LCD Panel Industry. Hongcai Continues To Invest In World-Class Production Facilities Used Around The World.

International Organization For Standardization, ISO 9001
The ISO Program Is An International Standard For The Overall Quality Of Business Processes. ISO 9001 Guides Companies In Laying The Foundations For Their Business Operations In A Way That Aims To Ensure That Companies Employ The Highest Level Of Craftsmanship. Its Architecture Covers The Entire Process Of Product Or Service Delivery: Procurement Of Materials And Components, Contract Review, Quality Control, Product Inspection, Design, Development, Shipping, Delivery, Staff Training, And Customer Service And Support. Its Purpose Is To Set Overall Quality Standards For Business Processes.

Hongcai Has Developed A Quality System That Meets The Requirements Of ISO 9001 Standard And Was Certified In Its First Review In 2011. Hong Has Since Passed A Routine Six-Monthly Review.

Grand Quality
Hong CAI Is Proud Of Its Active Role In Testing The Quality And Reliability Of The Components Used In Its Products. Hongcai’s TFT LCD Screens Are Specially Designed And Manufactured With Components Purchased From Qualified Suppliers That Meet Hongcai’s High Quality Standards. Hongcai Received ISO 9001 Certification In 2011. In Addition To Obtaining This High Standard Certification, Hongcai Also Continuously Maintains And Improves The Process To Meet The Stringent Requirements Of The LCD LCD Screen Industry.

Mass Production Design
To Ensure 100% Reliability And Compatibility, Hongcai LCD Has Been Specially Designed To Meet The Specific Requirements Of The System Or System Category Where The Module Is Installed. The Engineers Of Hongcai Test The LCD Screen On The System Motherboard Installed With The Most Commonly Used Digital Products Motherboard Program And Microcontroller. Due To The Different Brands Of LCD LCD Screen Performance There Are Subtle Differences, So The Design Standards Of Hongcai Requirements For Each New Module Design Quality Evaluation System.

Raw Material Selection
Hongcai’s Proactive Supplier Quality Program Verifies And Monitors Backlights, Chips, Circuit Boards (FPCS) And SMD Passive Components. Hongcai Has Developed Strict Control Requirements, Covering Everything From Batch Acceptance Of Components To Compliance Testing.

Manufactured By COG/FOG
To Minimize Shipping And Reduce Chip Damage, All TFT LCD Display Chips Are Sent Directly From The Manufacturer In Taiwan To The Hongcai Assembly Plant. Many Steps Are Taken Throughout The Assembly Process To Avoid The Possibility Of Static Electricity, Which Is The Main Cause Of Failure Of TFT LCDS.

Hongcai Uses A Multi-Layer Testing System To Ensure Quality Control Throughout The Manufacturing Process. In Addition To The Rigorous Testing Of IC And Other Components, All New Module Design Of Hong CAI Must Go Through The Microscope Quality Test, Platform Balance,FPC Tensile Test, Particle Burst Test And System Specific Long-Term Reliability Test. In Addition, Hongcai Also Adheres To The Long-Standing Practice Of 100% Comprehensive Production Testing For All Finished Products.

At Hongcai, We Believe That Superior Quality Is Based On The Combination Of Four Aspects: Design, Component, Assembly And Test (DCAT).

Technical Support
Many Other TFT LCD Module Companies Use Generic Modules For A Variety Of Systems. Hongcai Raises The Design Standards And Produces System-Specific LCD Displays. This Means Personalizing The Design According To The TFT LCD Requirements Of The Computer System In Which The Module Is Designed. The Design Has Been Fine-Tuned To: Match The System Time; Reduce Noise And Heat; Make The Most Efficient Communication Between TFT LCD Screen And MCU. Hong Also Conducts Module Testing Through Systems Installed With Common Applications, Operating Systems And Oems Diagnostics.

It Is Very Convenient To Buy Hongcai Products. Hongcai Supports Many Major Driver Board Systems And Offers Various Types Of TFT LCD Display Screen  Technology, Which Makes Hongcai The Best To Meet All Your TFT LCD Display Needs. The LCD Screens We Provide Are Suitable For Industrial Control Industry, Digital Industry, Medical Equipment, Security Industry, POS Industry, Even Military Supplies And Smart Home Industry. We Provide A Free Technical Support Service To Help You Solve Any Problems You May Have With Your TFT LCD Display. All Hongcai LCD Display Modules Come With A 12-Month Warranty.

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