TFT LCD screen storage environment

In order to better apply the LCD LCD screen, there are a lot of things that need to be paid attention to in the use and storage, so today, Hong color technology Xiaobian to carefully introduce the use and storage of the LCD screen need to pay attention to it!

The use of LCD and storage environment

First, avoid vibration
LCD screen is glass products, very fragile, to avoid strong impact and vibration. Do not apply pressure to the LCD screen or the LCD screen back cover collision, extrusion.
Two, prevent voltage fluctuation
Voltage fluctuation will lead | up the content of the LCD screen flashing, caused by the human eye vision not comfortable. Some voltage fluctuations are within the normal range of voltage variations. However, due to the fast change frequency, it may interfere with the normal work of electronic components or IC on the equipment, and in serious cases, it may cause them to burn out directly.
Three, anti-electromagnetic interference
The LCD display device should work away from the environment with strong magnetic field. The strong magnetic field will generate extra voltage inside the LCD, which will affect the stability of the LCD voltage. In the strong magnetic field environment for a long time, it will also make the display screen produce wrong characters or random points, which affects the LCD display effect and life.
Four, pay attention to humidity
Water is the natural enemy of liquid crystal, if the humidity is too high, the inside of the LCD will condensation, leakage and short circuit phenomenon, and the LCD will become blurred. Therefore, the LCD screen should be stored in a dry and ventilated environment, and often energized to use, so that the heat energy of the motor in the work of the evaporation of water equipment. After the above 4 points to share, I hope to help those employees who do not understand the maintenance of LCD screen caused by unnecessary damage, reduce the damage caused by human causes, so as to reduce waste.

The above is about the use of LCD screen and storage environment, today Hong color technology to share here, what questions can be directly consulted our official website customer service, customer service can help you answer. If you want to know more about LCD LCD screen information, you can pay attention to us, we will continue to update, thank you!

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