What is the size of small lcd display?

Small-size display screens, friends who know the display industry must know that this market has always been very hot. With the emergence of smart products in recent years, the use of tft small-size display screens has become more extensive. Today, the editor will bring Let’s get acquainted with the small-size display and see what are the characteristics of the small-size display?


1. Small size tft display size range
Small size As the name suggests, this display is a small display, so how small can it be called a small tt display? We call the size between 0.16 inches and 23.5 inches a small display. The common sizes of small-size tft displays can be roughly divided into: 0.96 inches, 1.54 inches, 1.77 inches, 2.0 inches, 2.2 inches, 2.4 inches, 2.8 inches, 3.0 inches, 3.1 inches, 3.2 inches, 3.5 inches, these are Common size for small displays.


2. small size tft display application field
In fact, small-sized display screens are widely used. Our common application fields include: instrumentation industry, smart wearable industry, and household appliance industry. Smart home industry, portable handheld devices: medical and other industries will use small-size tft displays. Hongcai’s current customers have been in contact with many industries that use small-size tft displays. We will generally recommend small-size tft display screens with suitable parameters according to the industries used by users.


3. Small size tft display with large quantity and excellent price

Another great feature of this small size display screen is that the order volume of terminals using small size tft display screens is relatively large, and a small size display screen manufacturer also has a minimum order quantity when producing orders. There is a certain quantity requirement for small-sized displays, and the minimum order quantity is about 3000 pieces. The small size ratio display price is relatively low. And in the case of large quantity, the price of small size tft display is relatively lower.

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