What is the life of LED vs LCD?

Factors affecting the life of the TFT LCD have internal and external factors, summarized as follows: the performance of LED light-emitting devices, peripheral components performance, the impact of the working environment, product fatigue resistance and so on.

  LED light-emitting device performance: LED light-emitting device is the key to the LCD display is also related to the life of the components. For LED, mainly the following indicators: attenuation characteristics, anti-vapor penetration characteristics, anti-UV performance.

Peripheral components impact: In addition to LED light-emitting devices, Lcd screens also use many other peripheral components, including circuit boards, plastic housings, switching power supplies, connectors, housings, etc., any one of the components have problems, may lead to a lower life of the display. Therefore, the long life of the LCD screen is determined by the short life of that key component life.

The impact of the working environment: due to different uses, TFT LCD working conditions vary widely. In terms of the environment, indoor temperature difference is small, no rain and snow and ultraviolet impact; outdoor temperature difference of up to 70 degrees, plus the wind, sun and rain. Harsh environment will aggravate the aging of the display, the working environment is an important factor affecting the life of the display.

The fatigue resistance of the product shadow: TFT LCD screen fatigue resistance performance how, depending on the production process. Poor three-proof processing process to produce the module fatigue resistance performance is difficult to ensure that the temperature and humidity changes, the circuit board protection surface will appear cracks, resulting in a decline in protection performance. Therefore TFT LCD production process is also a key factor in determining the life of the LCD screen. The production process involved in LCD production are: component storage and pretreatment process, over the furnace welding process, three anti-treatment process, waterproof sealing process, etc.. The effectiveness of the process and material selection and proportioning, parameter control and operator quality, for the vast majority of LED display manufacturers, the accumulation of experience is very important, a factory with many years of experience in the control of the production process will be more effective.

TFT LCD life is determined by a variety of factors, but the end of life caused by many factors is possible through the replacement of parts (such as switching power supply) to continue to extend the life. But in the actual use of the situation is not achieved. We have a simple experimental method and formula to measure the life of LED: LED placed in the same conditions as the actual working environment for 1000 hours, and measured the initial and final value of light intensity, and then the formula can be launched by the LED life period.

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