Transflective display screen difference

Screens are divided according to lighting technology and are available in reflective, transmissive and semi-reflective and semi-transmissive types.

Reflective screens have a reflector on the back to provide light for reading in sunlight and light. These screens perform well in strong light sources such as outdoor sunlight, but are not even readable in low light conditions.

Transflective screens rely on the backlight to provide light, and while they are excellent for reading in low and no light, the brightness of the backlight is severely lacking in outdoor sunlight.

Transflective display (TRD) technology is actually a display that can switch between transmissive display mode or reflective display mode according to changes in ambient brightness, using ambient light as a light source in bright environments and using the backlight to provide light in dark environments. It combines the advantages of energy saving, eye protection, high ambient contrast ratio and high transmission display with high definition and fast dynamic response.

1.fully transparent display, there is no reflector on the back of the LCD screen, and the light source is provided by the backlight.

In our daily life, we use mobile phones and computers, all of which use fully transparent screen technology, which is quite mature and has become the most conventional process for LCD display manufacturers.

It is bright and colorful for reading in low light and no light environment. And the light reflected by the TFT LCD screen in the dark will have a certain brightness.

🔵 Disadvantages:
In outdoor sunlight, the ambient light makes the backlight appear seriously under-bright due to excessive sunlight. Simply relying on increasing the brightness of the backlight will only quickly lose power, and the effect is not satisfactory.


2.reflective display, with a reflective mirror on the back of the LCD screen, provides a light source for reading under sunlight and light.

All the light is reflected light, not the direct light of ordinary liquid crystal, no backlight is needed, and the power consumption is very small.
No computer blue light, glare and other problems.
Due to the use of the reflection of ambient light, reading is like reading a real book, and it is not easy to cause eye fatigue. Especially in outdoor, sunlight or other strong light sources, the display performance is excellent.

🔵 Disadvantages:
The color is monotonous and not beautiful enough for entertainment.
Can’t see clearly or even read in low light or no light.

3.transflective liquid crystal display is to replace the mirror on the back of the reflective screen with a mirror reflective film. With the backlight turned off, the TFT display makes the displayed image visible by reflecting ambient light.

Reflective film: It is a mirror when viewed from the front, and a transparent glass that can see through the mirror when viewed from the back. And a fully transparent backlight is added; it can be said that the transflective screen is a combination of a reflective screen and a fully transparent screen. The advantages of both are concentrated, and it has the excellent reading ability of the reflective screen in outdoor sunlight and the excellent reading ability of the fully transparent type in low light and no light, and has the advantages of low power consumption.

Transflective display screens are used in a wide range of applications, such as industrial, automotive, wearable devices, smart homes, etc., especially outdoor products such as smart watches, GPS, walkie-talkies, etc.

The translucent type relies on direct backlight display, the reflective type relies on ambient light reflection for display, and the transflective type is a perfect combination of translucent and transflective displays. If you want the best display effect and the least power consumption, the best choice is still It is a semi-transparent display + backlight automatic sensor switch.

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