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Tft display use protection guide

1.ESD static electricity

tTft display screen in the control, drive circuit is a low-voltage, micro-power CMOS circuit, extremely vulnerable to electrostatic ESD breakdown, electrostatic breakdown is an irreparable damage. Therefore, in the operation, welding and use should be prevented in the operating table leakage, to strictly prevent static electricity. To this end.

1.1 Soldering irons used for soldering must be well earthed.

1.2 direct touch must be made, the operator should be well earthed with the lcd screen, or the hand should be brought into contact with the tap or the metal frame of the operating table for a moment to discharge.

1.3 Do not touch the FCP gold fingers, circuitry on the board and IC etc. with your hands at will.

2. Protective film

There is a protective film attached to the surface of the mounted TFT LCD screen to prevent the display surface from being tarnished during assembly, so it must not be removed before the end of assembly to avoid soiling or damaging the polarizer.

3. Tft display screen and PCB distance flat

It is best to add a pad of about 0.1mm between the TFT LCD screen and the PCB, and the panel should also be kept flat to avoid deformation after assembly.

4.Soldering or plugging Tft screen

4.1 welding TFT LCD screen FPC do not let the solder drip onto the LCD circuit board, otherwise it will short circuit and make the screen display abnormal.

4.2 Soldering iron temperature: 280±10°C; soldering time: 3~4S; soldering material: eutectic type, low melting point; repeated soldering preferably more than 3 times.

4.3 If the connection between the LCD and other peripheral circuits needs to be soldered or the original connector changed, please confirm that the TFT LCD screen has passed quality control beforehand.

4.4 Do not physically damage the TFT LCD and PCB, otherwise it will not be repaired.

5. Precautions for assembly operation

5.1 The mounting holes must be earthed to prevent electromagnetic interference and external noise.

5.2 the backlight iron frame behind the TFT LCD module must not be twisted or dismantled at will; do not modify or process the PCB board shape, assembly holes, lines and components at will; do not modify any internal bracket; do not touch, drop, bend or twist the display and backlight part, etc.

5.3 The LCD is carefully designed and assembled, do not process or trim it at your own discretion.

6. Storage of the module

For long-term storage (e.g. several years), the following is recommended.
Must be stored in a clean, ventilated, non-corrosive gas warehouse, the warehouse should be in a clear state of access, smoking is strictly prohibited, prohibit illegal use of fire, electricity and good fire prevention, clear fire signs. Unless otherwise specified, the temperature and relative humidity of the warehouse must meet the following requirements:   

6.1 Temperature: -5~30℃.   

6.2 Relative humidity: 20% to 75%.

Put into polyethylene pockets (preferably with anti-static coating) and seal the mouth; place in a dark place and avoid strong light; never press any items on the surface; strictly avoid storage outside the limit of temperature and humidity conditions (polarizers for liquid crystal are afraid of high temperature and humidity).

7. Lcd display use and maintenance

7.1 LCD screen FPC PIN must not be allowed to be connected wrongly, otherwise it may cause over-current, over-voltage, etc. to the Lcd display components have damage phenomenon.

7.2 When the Tft display screen is used below the specified working temperature range, the display response is very slow, while when used above the specified working temperature range, the whole display surface will show the full display state again, this phenomenon is not the module is damaged, just restore to the specified temperature range, everything will be back to normal. (should not be used or stored outside the range of storage limit temperature, if the temperature is lower than the crystallization temperature, liquid crystal will crystallize, destroy the orientation layer, so that the device is scrapped; if the temperature is too high, liquid crystal will become isotropic liquid, lose liquid crystal state, also lost the function of the Lcd screen).

7.3Tft lcd screen use access to power and disconnect power, must be in the positive power supply (5 ± 0.25V) after stable access to input signal level. If the signal level is input before or after the power supply is stabilized or disconnected, it may damage the IC and other circuits in the module.

7.4 Lcd display contrast, viewing angle and temperature, drive voltage has a great relationship, so if the VCC is adjusted too high, not only will affect the display, but also shorten the life of the module.

7.5 when there are water droplets on the screen, wipe them off quickly: prolonged contact with water droplets will discolour the polariser of the screen or cause spots to appear.

7.6 do not bump the IC on the PCB board at the back of the module to prevent short-circuiting of adjacent PINs.

7.7 Pressing hard on the display area will produce an abnormal display. At this time cut off the power supply, wait for a moment, re-power, that is, back to normal.

7.8 When there is dirty stain on the screen, use absorbent cotton or other soft cloth to wipe quickly with alcohol ethanol.

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