What is BD Cell

1.What is BD Cell

BD Cell is also known as BOE Dual Cell.


In order to improve the contrast ratio of the LCD screen, although the traditional direct-lit backlight display can be controlled by area to achieve a high contrast ratio of 10000+, there are problems such as thick modules, limited partitions, and obvious halo, while the BOE BD cell is effective. solved this problem. Compared with the traditional TFT-LCD liquid crystal module, BOE BD cell (also known as stacked screen technology) adds an Optical Cell between the display panel and the backlight source to achieve pixel-level precise partition control.


In terms of display effect, BD Cell improves CR (Contrast Ratio) and the number of partitions. The structure of BD Cell mainly includes the first display panel, the specially designed second Optical Cell panel, and the matching algorithm of the two panels. Among them, the design and matching algorithm of the second panel is the core of BD Cell technology, which is an innovative technology of BOE, and BOE has independent intellectual property rights. The core of this technology is to control Display Cell and Optical Cell respectively (Display Cell mainly focuses on image display, Optical Cell mainly implements gray-scale processing), to achieve pixel-level light control, so as to achieve high contrast effect; the control algorithm of BD Cell includes: Integrated upper and lower glass alignment module functions, edge-based brightness enhancement, spatial filtering, pixel light control, and image compensation.


Contrast Ratio: The ratio of Intensity between the brightest and darkest for a device or environment. The contrast ratio of traditional LCD is generally greater than 1000:1, the contrast ratio of OLED is generally greater than 100,000:1, and the static contrast ratio of BD Cell is as high as: 500,000:1.


2.Technical principle

The main features of the BD Cell ultra-high-definition LCD screen in structure are: double-layer Cell (Sub Cell, Main Cell).



3.Double cell structure diagram

Sub Cell: The 65-inch FHD display panel can realize millions of partitions of the LCD screen (number of partitions: 2,000,000), and each partition can individually control the brightness of the switch, making the picture more delicate.


Due to the superimposed design of the double-layer Cell, the dark part of the picture is darker, thereby improving the contrast of the picture, and the image display is clearer and has richer details.


LCD screens usually have only one LCD panel that produces a full-color panorama, illuminated by a backlight system. BOE BD Cell has introduced a second monochrome panel for more precise control of light output. Monochromatic LCD layers below the color LCD screen layers block light from pixels that are supposed to be dark before they reach the color layers that produce the full picture. It effectively acts as a per-pixel filter, controlling brightness more precisely than the zone-based backlight dimming of most other LCDs.


Related display parameters:
Number of partitions: 2,000,000
Static Contrast: 500,000
Module thickness <7.5mm


4.Technical advantages


1.super high contrast


BD Cell ultra-high-definition display is a new breakthrough in TFT-LCD liquid crystal display module technology. With HDR (High Dynamic Illumination Rendering) technology, it can make the bright part of the image brighter and the dark part darker, and achieve an ultra-high contrast ratio of 500,000:1. The color expression is stronger, and the picture quality experience is comparable to AMOLED.


2.Ultra HD screen experience


The 65-inch ultra-thin 4K pixel-level partitioned display product can bring viewers a new shocking visual experience.


By using the Local Diming (local backlight adjustment) technology, the screen can be divided into millions of separate areas, the module is thin, the light control area is many, the display is delicate, and the brightness adjustment can be performed in the sub-millimeter range. Never miss every detail of the picture and truly enjoy the Ultra HD experience. It can also achieve 12bit color depth to make the low grayscale transition of the picture natural, lower power consumption, stable reliability, 100,000-level ultra-high contrast, and the perfect display experience is really black.


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